Monday, April 23, 2012

Some items i have my eye on.

Items I'm Looking forward to purchasing HOPEFULLY! lol.
1.Floral Shorts From torrid.
2.Blackberry or Purple Torrid Skinnies
3. LYS -Burnt Sienna Colored Jeans
4. LYS- Yellow Blouse
5. LYS-Blue Cut off Blouse
5. Target Mossimo-Orange Floral Blouse
6. LYS- Brown Cut off blouse
5.Loafers black flats
7. Guatemalan style flats-
*LYS Items are from

I love these items I'm definitely going for staple items for my wardrobe for summer and i cannot wait to get those loafers!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LYS-Love your Style Love your Size-Kmart Review

Hello Everyone,
So i received my package from Kmart today i was waiting for it because i want to review it for you all. I actually did end up going to the Kmart store near me and well all my size jeans were gone and there was not a lot of selection for me in my size.I did try on a size lower than mines in jean a size 24 but it was too tight So i decide to purchase online. Let me just say i am currently a size 26 in Jeans and a Size 3x in blouse my shoe size is an 11. I purchase a Floral top in a Size 3x it is very flowy i love it it has a tie belt in the bottom if it and it perfect for Spring or Summer. The Crop Jean are in a Size 26  i have been looking for jeans like this omg they feel great! i do carry a lot of my in my belly and my legs are thinner so these fit perfect usually jeans fit super big in the leg area not a problem with these. And Lastly, I purchase some Multi Colored Sandals  From Selena Gomez Dream out Loud Collection and i was Surprised to see they carry a Size 11! Kudos to Selena! so i purchased those and their are a bit tight but its totally bearable! so all in all everything came out great! i totally recommend you check it out ! and please leave me some comments or any questions and ill be gladly to answer them! :)